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Behind the scenes, a wide range of specialists are here to handle every detail of recruiting, vetting and managing the right people for you.

Documents: Streamlines the hiring process by managing every aspect of federal, state and local compliance.

Our documents department is responsible for ensuring that our hiring process is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. They are responsible for following company processes and policies to ensure all of the documentation that is needed for the hiring process is complete. Along with documentation compliance, they are also the face of our company, and are expected to treat all of our applicants with professionalism, courtesy, and respect to ensure our applicants have a great experience.

Payroll: Processes thousands of checks, direct deposits, pay cards and ensures accurate timekeeping.

Our payroll department is responsible for processing thousands of checks, direct deposits and pay cards on a weekly basis.They are also responsible for ensuring our customers accurately report employees’ hours, and that they process those hours in a timely manner.

Risk Management: Provides each employee and customer with the training and PPE they need to remain safe on the job.

Our risk management department is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of all of our employees. They work closely with our customers to ensure their safety programs promote safe lifting techniques, proper use of personal protective equipment and HAZ/MAT training.

Dispatch: Efficiently deploys thousands of employees per month to their assignments.

Our dispatch department is responsible for recruiting and assigning thousands of employees per month. They are passionate about what they do and make sure that we send out the right employees to the right customers every time. They have over ten years of experience dispatching employees and working to make a positive difference in all of our temporary employees’ lives. They take pride in their work and genuinely care about all of our employees.

Recruiting Division: Ensures that every candidate you see is tested and fully qualified to match your company’s pre-employment criteria.

Our higher skilled division works hard to make sure we provide all of our customers with the most-qualified individuals to fill their staffing needs. We understand that these employees will become part of our customers’ organizations, and we take that job very seriously. We are not placing employees just to fill the order; we are placing employees to develop a long-term partnership with our customers as well as our employees. We will work hard for you every time, and we take pride in the work we do whether or not it’s one employee or 100 employees. We source, recruit, pre-screen and pre-qualify based on your specific requisition. We mirror your pre-employment screenings and provide skills assessment testing so your onboarding process of our temp-to-hire candidate is a seamless transition.

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