Game-Changing Workforce Solutions

On-Site Management

It’s great to have quick access to the people you need, but managing increased staff can be a headache. Let our on-site managers handle your large temporary workforce to reduce costs, simplify administration and minimize co-employment liabilities and other risks.

Managed Services Include:

  • Daily employee check in/check out
  • Temporary employee orientation
  • Time and attendance tracking through our biometric time software
  • Reporting on staffing usage and metrics
  • On-site recruiting and retention
  • Administration of safety program and incentives

See how an on-site manager can make your life easier. Contact ASI today for a consultation.

Service-Level Agreement established to define key performance metrics and accountability. Service includes:

  • Reporting available at your fingertips
  • Tracking number of hours overtime worked vs. regular
  • Establishing metrics for attrition, attendance and time management
  • Noting number of workers being utilized per department, per shift
  • Bio metric time capturing and reporting

Compliance and Risk Management

Our portfolio of services helps you address co-employment and compliance requirements. These include human resource documentation, compliance, and on-site support.

Workforce Transition

Transition to our payroll while retaining employee satisfaction. We will assure them of their continued employment with us at your site and support you in the transition of any you may want to bring back on a temporary basis.

  • Providing seamless transition of current temporary workforce
  • Meeting with employees to introduce ourselves and address questions and/or concerns that may arise with the change