Recruiting Division

Custom recruiting solutions for skilled labor needs.

Our Unique Call Center Model

Part of our commitment to providing top quality talent for our partners includes an in-depth screening process of all candidates before they ever step foot into one of our offices.

All candidates are screened and scheduled through our call center based in Addison, Illinois.

This allows our in-house recruiters at the branch level and our onsite managers to focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Our unique call center model allows us to:

  • conduct a more thorough interview and selection process
  • exercise better time management in our branches and at our onsite locations
  • obtain better placement rates
  • focus on job patterns, red flags, reasons for leaving previous employers with their candidates
  • conduct better orientation and onboarding process
  • limited distractions during in-person interviews
  • higher probability to place candidates into open jobs
  • respond to advertisement inquiries and interested candidates faster than our competitors

Highly Talented

Our recruiting specialties also include higher-level positions such as CNC Machinists, Quality Control, Plant Managers, Line Supervisors and other management roles.

The Process Is Easy for You

We Source And Recruit For The Following Higher-Skilled Positions:

Don’t let higher-skilled trade jobs go unfilled.