Turn Your Temp or Contract Job into a Full-Time Position

Turn Your Temp or Contract Job into a Full-Time Position


Are you working a temp or contract job that you really love? Or are you skeptical of taking one at all, for fear it will derail your career? The truth is, many employers would love to find someone trustworthy to bring on full time. If you want to turn your temp or contract job into a full-time opportunity, here are a few tips.


Learn the Company

Your key advantage as a contract or temporary worker is that you’re on the ground, inside the company. Take advantage of this to learn as much as you can. What are the organization’s core values? How does the code of conduct work? Which skills are most important in the role you want? Use your detective skills to get to know as much as possible about the place you’re working, and then focus on making yourself invaluable.


Be Flexible

Modern companies have to be able to pivot to stay relevant. Show that you’re comfortable with taking things as they come along, making suggestions, and sharing your thoughts. Then act on the ideas that have been presented.


Jump In

Make yourself part of the team. Volunteer to take on projects or extra tasks. Get to know the others in your department, and offer help when needed. If you want to stay long term, let your supervisor and coworkers know that through actions as well as words.


Work with Your Recruiter

Your recruiter helped you get in the door. Leverage that relationship, and you will have a trusted advocate who can help you take the steps.


Ready to Get Started?

If you’re in Chicagoland and looking for a temporary or permanent light industrial position, Alternative Staffing can help. Contact us today or call your local Alternative Staffing office to learn how we can help you through the entire process, from making contact to onboarding into your new role.