Alternative Staffing Develops their Risk Management Team to Help Reduce Occupational Hazards

Alternative Staffing Develops their Risk Management Team to Help Reduce Occupational Hazards

Here at Alternative Staffing Inc. (ASI), we take the safety of our people seriously. We have created and developed our risk management team so that we can make recommendations to our customers to improve their safety programs. In fact, we complete safety evaluations on every new client site before authorizing our employees to work there. Not only does this protect our people, but it also ensures that our clients have safe working environments while keeping injury-related costs down.

Why does ASI put such a premium on workplace safety? Here are just some of the reasons:

It keeps our most valuable resource safe

It makes good business sense (and shows they care) when employers provide a safe working environment for their most valuable asset: their workers. Most employers will agree that avoiding accidents and possible death to workers should always be a priority, and there are very few who would intentionally put their people at risk. Yet, some businesses short-cut safety, and don’t train their workers properly.

It boosts productivity

Employee morale plummets in a workplace that’s rife with injuries and is generally unsafe. And with it goes productivity and profits. It makes sense: How can workers pay full attention to their tasks when they are overly concerned about getting hurt?

Conversely, when employers provide a safe working environment that’s coupled with safety training, they create loyalty, which lifts morale, productivity, and profits. And it reduces the biggest enemy of productivity: absenteeism.

Injuries are costly

Injuries cost time and money. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has estimated that businesses are paying almost one million dollars each week in worker’s compensation costs! Of course, all employers must carry worker’s comp insurance, but any injuries increase the premiums on these policies.

If an injured worker is absent for the long-term, the business could be forced to hire and train a replacement worker, which can be very expensive.

Your company’s reputation is at stake

Any business that operates unsafely can jeopardize their relationship with customers. No matter what type of business you are running, if you develop a reputation for being lax on safety, you could find customers harder to come by.

In retail, customers will judge you by a neat, uncluttered, and safe environment. Unsafe restaurant practices will keep away many diners. And, manufacturers who are accident-prone risk alienating their customers with late deliveries and quality issues.

Productive employees are the key to customer loyalty and retention, and much of it hinges on safety.

At Alternative Staffing, we provide you with a lasting solution to your staffing needs, and we will help you with safety initiatives. Get in touch with one of our industry experts, and you’ll soon be connected to your next hardworking employee!