Defeating Workplace Repetitive Strain Injuries

Defeating Workplace Repetitive Strain Injuries

Injuries on the job costs billions annually in the United States, and can cost the worker and employer time and money. Instead of shelling out big bucks in the first place, employers should take preventative measures seriously if they want to keep their workers healthy and money in their pockets. RSI is caused primarily by repeating the same activity daily over an extended period of time, causing injury to the affected area. People who work desk jobs and in manufacturing are particularly susceptible to RSI because of the repetitive motion of typing at a computer or operating the same machinery day in and day out. Listed below are some ways RSI can be prevented in the workplace:

  1. Rotate repetitive tasks.

Having a few employees who are trained to do the same task will reduce the risk of RSI. Their bodies will become less acclimated to doing the same tasks and their joints will not be strained. Manufacturing tends to be cyclical in nature, so rotating tasks will not only prevent injury, it can also make for a more stimulating work experience.

  1. Ensure that equipment is comfortable to use.

Outdated equipment might not be entirely user-friendly, so be sure to check in with workers and determine how feasibly comfortable the machines are to operate. Certain tasks in manufacturing require a stooped or awkward posture, therefore, it is worthwhile to educate workers on good lifting techniques. Money shelled out on new equipment is well spent because injuries can cost companies triple the amount of new machinery, so preventative spending might be key in this situation.

  1. Promote restful and healthy behavior after work hours.

Poor diet and a lack of exercise can contribute to multiple health problems, including RSI. Encouraging employees to take care of their bodies off the clock can make a world of difference in preventing strain on the job. It is also important employees recognize and report any discomfort before the injury becomes irritated or even irreparable. In return, management must take these claims seriously and brainstorm a way to prevent further damage.

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