Increasing Productivity on Your Manufacturing Floor

Increasing Productivity on Your Manufacturing Floor

It can be hard to keep employee’s minds on work when they have upcoming vacations. While you can’t convince your employees to skip vacation time and put in extra hours, you can put together a plan to ensure your productivity stays up during the summer months. Keep these tips in mind when creating new production goals for your team:

Start by assessing floor information and reporting it to upper management so a plan can be put together to decrease unnecessary losses. Find out where there can be improvement so employees can work effectively and in a timely fashion. Involve workers in the improvement process, as they are directly responsible for the company’s productivity.

Unless you can feasibly and cost-effectively fix an issue, leave it for a later date and set out to accomplish more realistic improvements. There’s no use wasting time mulling over a problem if there is no way to solve it at the present time. However, if there is a safety issue present, address it immediately as safety is a top priority on the manufacturing floor. Never speed up a process if it jeopardizes the safety of the workers or the quality of the end product.

If you find that employees have extended amounts of downtime during their shifts, identify the source of inefficiency and designate work for slow days ahead of time. Luckily, there’s always plenty to do on the manufacturing floor, and this time can be used to organize or prepare for future tasks. Taking a little time out of the day to organize can make a huge impact on the timeliness of work.

Finally, remember that efficiency in the manufacturing world is due to precision, so check production numbers daily and share them with employees so everyone is on the same page. Set production goals so employees are clear on what is to be accomplished that day and follow up at the end of the shift to make sure the goals are being met.

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