The ROI of Employee Recognition

The ROI of Employee Recognition

In the virtual age where information is at the tip of your fingers, one of the first things job seekers do when job hunting is research the companies they are interested in pursuing for employment. Sites like Glassdoor allow employees to anonymously comment on their workplace satisfaction which allows job seekers the “fly on the wall” insight they need to determine what it is like inside company walls.  It is more important than ever to retain talented employees and keep your workers happy and engaged.

There is a wide range of advice for companies seeking to increase their employee’s satisfaction; give more time off and holidays, sanction bonuses and other incentives to secure a top-performing and happy team. However, focusing on the financial side of employee satisfaction is a mistake, because at the core of happiness is a drive for fulfilment and engagement—this applies for the workplace as well. Here are some ways you can boost workplace motivation and begin to see a true difference in workers output:

No matter what age you are, being rewarded for your hard work and talent will never get old.

Reward-based incentives may seem like an overused notion, but there is something inherently satisfying about working towards a goal and being handsomely rewarded for reaching it. Being rewarded for hard work is satisfactory, no matter who you are or what profession you’re in. Healthy workplace competition is a good way to bring everyone together and boost productivity at the same time.

Find a way to integrate each employee into the depths of what makes the company tick.

Not everyone can be a boss, but it is important for each employee to feel like they have working knowledge of the ins and outs of the company and have control over their daily tasks. A worker who feels they are not a part of the larger picture of the company’s success can feel discouraged, like their work isn’t meaningful. It is up to the management team to include everyone in the companies’ success, and it can be helpful to periodically fill employees in on what is going on behind the scenes and how they can work to make the company’s success a reality.

Employee recognition can save your company money in the long run because it is much more cost-effective to keep talented employees happy to skimp out on employee benefits and increase the turnover rate. Happy employees are proven to work harder and stay loyal to a company if they feel their work is noticed and appreciated. Taking time out of your day to ensure that workers are satisfied and engaged is a great way to boost your company’s reputation. At Alternative Staffing, we can do the work for you; we’ll search for and place hardworking candidates, and all you have to do is keep them happy! We can take your company’s staffing difficulties and transform them into business success. Contact us today so our staffing experts can get you started!