5 Things Not to Do on Your Resume

5 Things Not to Do on Your Resume

Creating a resume can seem like a daunting task when prospective employers are known to comb through every inch of it if they’re interested, or toss it when there are red flags. Your resume can set you apart from the hordes of other online applicants, so it has to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, there are countless examples of the ‘perfect resume’ floating around the internet, but not a lot of information on what to avoid when creating one.

1. Cut down on wordy descriptions.

Nothing will deter a potential employer more than having to search for the actual meat of your resume. If you really can’t fit everything on one page, put your important information on the first page.

2. Leave the references until after you get a call back.

References will simply take up space on your resume. If an employer is interested, they will ask you for them after an interview.

3. Toss your “one-size-fits-all” resume.

If you’re making a career change or are applying for a position that is outside of your usual job pattern, don’t just switch a few words around—start fresh! Revising a resume that was constructed at a different time in your career can come off as stale and forced.

4. Avoid vague objectives.

Phrases like “Seeking a position that challenges my skill set” signal to employers you don’t care enough about your place in the company and haven’t given much thought to your long-term goals. While you may truly be looking for a challenge, be specific when it comes to your objective, as this is a chance to convey on paper what you want in a job in a way your listed qualifications cannot.

5. Don’t include everyday duties under job descriptions.

Employers care less about what you did than how you did it. Your job title speaks to your competency already, so there is no need to include extraneous details. Describing how you accomplished challenging tasks or aided the company’s overall welfare will stick out to hiring managers.

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