Attract, Develop and Retain Much-Needed Supervisors

Attract, Develop and Retain Much-Needed Supervisors

Supervisors are the company’s direct line to general employees, so making the wrong hire can be incredibly detrimental to everyone’s well-being. Leadership skills do not come naturally to all candidates, and it can be difficult to weed out who is competent and who is not before making the hire. With a talent shortage, employers need to make sure if they find the right fit, they can train them and keep them around for many years to come. Keep these tricks in mind the next time you find yourself in need of new leadership:

Attracting Them. It may be time to sit down with your team and brainstorm what makes your company tick. The better you can ‘sell’ your company to others, the likelier you will attract the right talent that matches with your values. This first step of reaching out to candidates is crucial because so many unforeseen complications can be nipped in the bud simply by setting clear expectations for the position. It will be nearly impossible for supervisors to succeed if it is not clear what is expected of them, so having these conversations right off the bat is essential.

Develop Them. The ‘sink or swim’ technique of throwing a potential supervisor into the mix right away is often painful to watch. This is a waste of both your and their time, as it is comparable to setting them up for failure by neglecting to give them the resources and training to succeed. If they are not used to this sort of environment, they will often feel stranded and unable to reach out for further clarification or training, which ultimately can lead to a sense of mistrust between new supervisors and upper management.

Retain Them. Setting weekly, or even daily goals for supervisors is in no way a form of babysitting because most happy employees are ones that feel productive. By setting achievable timelines consistently, supervisors will feel motivated and will pass that energy along to the rest of the team members. The supervisor position is important to employee retention as well because supervisors can often be the face of the company for many, and grievances with supervisors often lead to employees quitting. Keeping the supervisor happy and focused creates a domino effect that impacts the whole company.

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