Don’t Be Late!

Don’t Be Late!

Everyone runs a little late, right? Not true. Sometimes it can seem that way, and in our ever-more-distracted lives it can feel nearly impossible to be on time all the time. But when it comes to your professional commitments, being on time is about a lot more than punching the clock when your boss tells you to.

Being on time can say a lot about you. As a top employment agency in Chicagoland, we help make sure you put your best foot forward.  Here are some great tips:

You’re Dependable

From the first time you show up for an interview, to your final day at a company, your ability to make commitments on time lets your co-workers know they can rely on you. If there’s a time crunch, they know you’ll come through. If they need someone to open the building or get a meeting set up, they won’t think twice about asking you. The more your boss and co-workers rely on you for little things, the more they’ll depend on you for the big stuff. Like that promotion you’ve been eyeing for months.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. If you’re frequently late for work or meetings, you will quickly develop a reputation for being unreliable. And when that promotion comes up, they’ll remember that too.

You Value Others

Being on time isn’t just about getting yourself where you need to be. It’s about respecting the people who are counting on you to be there. If you show up late for work, your co-workers are forced to pick up the slack. When you arrive late for a meeting, you waste everyone else’s time. Most people place a high value on their time, and they won’t appreciate it if you don’t.

You’re Always Prepared

Whether you show up twenty seconds after a meeting begins or ten minutes into it, the first thing anyone will see is you fumbling to catch up. Whether you’re rooting around in a bag for your pencil, shuffling through your notebook to find a blank page, or whispering to your friend to see what you missed, the message is clear: You were not prepared when everyone else was.

You’re Confident

Showing up on time gives you the opportunity to get composed, have all the supplies you need ready, and prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead. Whether that’s a hard day at work, a presentation for your boss, or contributing during a team meeting, when you show up late, you miss out on this valuable prep time. Give yourself a little buffer, and you’ll feel and look more confident.

Success in any career comes down to both performance and perception. Even if you’re the hardest worker on your team, if you’re always late, you may quickly develop a reputation as someone others can’t count on. And those reputations are hard to live down.

For more advice on making the best impression at work, or to start your next career search, contact an Alternative Staffing specialist today.  As a leading employment agency we have great full-time and temp jobs in Chicagoland and beyond.