Higher Skilled Placment

For the last 30 years, I have only had one job, but unfortunately that company went out of business recently.  I found myself unemployed and for the first time in 30 years and having to look for a skilled trade job.  Recently, I went to a job fair where I met a representative from Alternative Staffing, Inc. and left my resume.  Now, I have left my resume at quite a few job fairs in the past but this time they actually read it.  

Janet Martir, from ASI’s Higher Skilled Division, called me for a purchasing position at her client company that was available.  I was really skeptical about going to a staffing agency because I never worked for one in the past.  In addition, I had not looked for a skilled trade job in over 30 years and was very nervous.  Janette, during my meeting with her, was very pleasant and comforting both in person and on the phone.  In fact, she even stayed late at the office to accommodate my schedule.

When I had my scheduled interview with the client, Janette actually offered to go with me to make me feel comfortable.  The hiring manager and I hit it off immediately.  We both knew people from the same walks of life and he too made me feel very comfortable just like Janette said he would.  After the second interview the client company made me an offer and I accepted.   The client company offered me a permanent placement after 2 months of working through ASI.  It was such a pleasure dealing with the people at ASI and happy someone actually read my resume and found a purchasing position for me.

I would highly recommend the recruiters at Alternative Staffing Inc. especially, Janette, as she is so easy to talk to and makes the process go by so quickly. 


Susan Anderson Purchasing Coordinator Hired Through ASI